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Los Rockeros eran forasteros, obligados a quedarse juntos, formando pandillas. Su motocicleta, una forma de expresión, que representaba libertad, fuerza y velocidad. Usada como símbolo de poder. Las prendas diseñadas funcionan como las motos. La persona que las usa no tiene miedo a ser alguien diferente; acepta sus diferencias y las hace notar.   

With this collection I want to express what the feeling of biking was for the rockers. Being outcasts, rockers were bound to stick together creating gangs, and using their bikes as a matter of expression. The bikes represented freedom, strength and speed, and were used as objects of power. The garments designed are bold, strong and structured, and they´re meant to be used as the the bikes. The person that wears them is not afraid to be seen as someone different but accepting of the differences and embracing them.

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